Meet The Team


Kate Ostryhon-Lumsden

My favourite date night is... getting take out for dinner at a local restaurant and eating on the boat in the Marina.  

My best advice for Buyers is... ​to get fully approved including your credit check. It is so disappointing to find a place you want to put in an offer and your financing does not get approved. Also, just get in to that 1st home! It will not likely be your dream home but it will get you in to the market and you will start building equity. Think of it as a 3 year plan.

My favourite holiday memory is... deep sea fishing on Christmas Day in Cuba with our family. We rented a beautiful cabin cruiser and caught multiple fish when the captain asked if we wanted to snorkel for lobster. We had the best lobster feast of our lives!


What led me to real estate... My Dad switched careers when we sold the family service station and corner store and started his real estate career. I immediately was fascinated with his work and would guess prices of homes as we went on family drives! My first full time job after university was working  with the Family and Services of Haldimand. I loved helping families have a better quality of life. When the service went regional and the office was  located almost 2 hours from my home I decided to join my Dad in his  real estate business. I have loved it ever since!



Nicki Lumsden

A hidden gem in Niagara is....

Derek Point Memorial Garden in Port Colborne. It’s one of my favourite places to have a picnic. It’s typically secluded and you can watch the ships pass through the canal. 


My best advice to a buyer is…

View a home twice! The first time you view a home it’s with rose colour glasses. The second time you view a home you’ll look at it more clear-sighted and will be able to picture whether it is the right home for you! 


My best advice to a Seller is…

Remember what first drew you to your home. Was it the kitchen, the view, or the backyard? We will focus on making that feature really shine. What drew you to your home initially will likely attract future Buyers. 


My first job was…

A dishwasher and busgirl at DJ’s restaurant in Wainfleet. Almost every member of my family including cousins worked at DJ’s. It was an Ostryhon tradition to start our working life working under Dave and Sue. We’ve learned a lot of our strong work ethic from summers at the bustling restaurant. 


The accomplishment I’m most proud of...

Purchasing our own building and running the Niagara Sold by Kate Team with my mom. Over the last couple years our team has really grown and I am excited to see where we go next!



Rianna Ostryhon

My ideal weekend is...

when I take advantage or all of the incredible finds in Niagara and explore the region like a tourist! I love exploring a new-to-me area of the region, or sharing a favourite restaurant, shop or experience with friends and family. 

A hidden gem in Niagara is... 

RiverBrink Art Museum is a seriously underrated gem of Niagara. I encourage everyone to spend some time there a few times a year, explore the beautiful grounds and take in the incredible view of the Niagara River, once inside spend your time ever-changing exhibitions and the incredible library - not only will you have a chance to see their very impressive permanent collection, but RiverBrink hosts contemporary exhibitions every year too - and as with any museum experience be sure to do some shopping in the gift shop on your way out, it's stocked with tons of one-of-a-kind items from dozens of local artists, authors and creatives. 

My first job was...

working at The Market Cafe in Port Colborne. 

My best advice to a Seller is...

little things go a long way - a little touch-up painting and a really good clean - Knowing that a home has been well taken care of gives Buyers peace of mind.



Brooke Andrus

My favourite spot for a date night is…

the beach or snuggled up on the couch for a movie night.

When I’m not at work…

 I’m either on the boat or the jet-ski enjoying the sunshine. 


My best advice to a seller is….

 to de-personalize their home. A house and photos of a house show a lot better when the home is clean, open and de-personalized. A buyer is more likely to imagine themselves living there. 

My best advice to a buyer is….

 to get pre-approved. This will be very helpful when searching for your dream home so you can ensure you are looking at houses in your price range.


A hidden gem in Niagara is…

the Decew Falls hiking trail in St. Catharines. You can hike right up to the waterfalls. It’s a fun hike with a beautiful view.

My first job was...

working at NoFrills in Port Colborne




Tyler Kiernander

My ideal weekend is...

Spent with my beautiful wife enjoying Quiet Mornings with a coffee, putting feet up with some snacks and a good movie, dinner out ending with a walk at Nickel Beach

A hidden gem in Niagara is... 

Morgan's Point Conservation Park in Wainfleet. It has everything - nature, water, space, privacy. 

My first job was...

was at Rosewood café a true mom and pop spot.

My best advice to a Buyer is...

dream big but know your limit.

My favourite Holiday Memory is...

Christmas 2007. It was my mother in-laws last one with us and my wife and I spoiled her rotten. I can still remember her ear to ear smile for the entire day.


Ashley Gonyou
Office Manager

My favourite spot for a date is...

grabbing takeout from a local restaurant and eating it at the park, then finish off with a stroll along the canal promenade.

When I'm not working I'm... 

​spending time with my family. Whether it's taking the kids to their sports games, going hiking, playing in the pool, family cook-off challenges, game nights or simply cuddling up on the couch watching a movie. We are a pretty active family.

My first job was...

babysitting and working at The White House Cafe.

A hidden gem in Niagara is...

St. John's Conservation Area. We are always looking for new hiking trails but this one is a family favourite. It has trails for everyone with varying lengths and difficulty. There is also a pond that is home to many frogs, turtles, fish, birds and geese. The geese are hungry so make sure to bring some food, we've had them eat right from our hands.